In memory of our dear friend from Sodahead, Tudie! She was a real sweetheart who was the master of the quizzes. She took the time to thank everyone by name who replied to her quizzes. And when she passed away, most of Sodahead expressed their sympathy. Do you remember her, and if so, please post an experience you had with her.

When she died, I lost a very dear friend as did many others on Sodahead. She was the mainstay on that site. We need more sweet and compassionate people in this world just like Tudie. We'll never forget her.

This post is a sincere post memorizing our dear friend, but some seem to think I posted it to make a dig at another member, which is definitely not the case. I thought a lot of Tudie as did many others, and for someone to diss it, they must be pretty feeling pretty guilty as to the way they treated Tudie or maybe to cast ugliness on this post. Tudie never harmed anyone, and that's why I made this post.

I guess some people will always think every post is about them in some way, but this one is's all about Tudie

Thanks to all who have expressed their true feelings about Tudie, I know she's smiling down from heaven to see what her old friends are saying about her.