The world is real but man has become virtual

Video games in place of real ones on the ground, virtual darshan in websites, computer men getting great attention while vital disciplines go abegging, gadgets at home creating a false sense of self reliance and independence, unreal images occupying brain leave no room for normal precepts.

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Man has been virtual ever since a group of us sat around some distant past burning log as the first raconteur plied his tales upon our enrapt gathering.

Man relies more and more on a virtual reality manifested in glowing rectangles. y smilie

The longer I live the less optomistic I become about the longevity of the human race. :)

world is real but man become virtual in terms of tech because this is world to save natural resources where natural quarks finding gluons waves in fractal networks also simulated gluons waves to seek further intelligence in that fractals so tech is such..
Biblical God blesses America...

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