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This song makes me miss my brother .... we used to sing this together. Fun times. a smilie

I couldn't find the original by Richard Thompson so this will have to do..

It's been raining for a long time and I can't seem to stand
She left about an hour ago and so did the band
I'm sitting at the bar, my face in the jar
And something tells me I'm twisted
Oh ho, sitting at the bar with my face in the jar
And something tells me I'm twisted


100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, is the only one I could kind of remember the words to when drinking.

@JustJimColo That's a drinking song? I thought it was just the Navy song.

Depends on the fact, how drunk your Navy is.

We don't even go to the waters, without having at least one promille in our bloodstream.

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Here's one I recently learned in a 2nd band: YouTube video thumbnail

Turn this one up LOUD! :YouTube video thumbnail

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