What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?

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Children - newborns through the teens - and, yeah, Boz, puppy dogs, too a smilie

Nice post, Doc.

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Tight units.

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Andrea Corr singing 'Runaway'

Disney parks and choo choos

When my boyfriend tells me how much he loves me.

My family's little four year old... she is my god :)

Every message I get from my boyfriend makes me feel that way biggrin smilie


Grabbing an electric fence....then being glad you were able to let go..

@StarzAbove Wow.

Hope I never do that again biggrin smilie

@DandyDon Hope I never do that again

You mean that actually happened, ouch!

@StarzAbove You mean that actually happened, ouch!

Yep, we were flying kites in a field with tall grass.

There was an electric fence, just posts with wires running across them.

They were covered by the grass.
When I went to pick up a kite, I grabbed a wire.

@StarzAbove OMG, I'm so sorry, that must have been a hurtful jolt.

It was.

The bad part about it was I couldn't let go of the wire, my brother and my cousin were constantly being shocked too, until they could get my hand off.

I think I never flew kites again after that..

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