Should I send my kids to boarding schools in Europe?

I want to give my sons a great opportunity and send them to great boarding schools in Europe, including Russia. I want to send one of my sons to King Edward II School in Norway, and the other (if I get another one) to Russia for a military school. I already have a son, 6 years old. I live in the United States and I’m in the Navy. Please stay positive I just need advice, and no need to discuss about money, I just need some advice about if I should send them.

22% Yes 22% No 0% Tell me what you think specifically 56% Other
Countries & Places
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I would never send my kids to ANY boarding school. They can get a great education here in the States, and they did. To me a boarding school is just a means of getting rid of kids and let someone else raise them.

Better to send your own kids, than somebody else's. Unless it's a CIA black site, in which case they are mostly taught by waterboarding.

Ask them, kids might not always make the good choice but if you do something against their will they will hate you for it.

You could've just went, 2 out of 3 in Heads Or Tails..

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