January 31 is a blue moon. It won't be blue too bad eh?

I heard Jan. 31 will be a blue moon, sadly it win't be a pretty blue . It just means 2 moons in close succession. Image in content

Image for post January 31 is a blue moon.  It won't be blue too bad eh?
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AH ha, yet it is snowing like mad here so I probably aill see none of it. boo hoowary smilie

Yes Bub I didn't even think of that I just have no sense of humor at allhug smilie

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Well thank you, everyone who knows me thinks I am funny, but I don't try to be, just my way.

It seems that it will be a super blue blood moon. Meaning it will be super because the moon will be at a close (perigee) point. It it blue because it is the second one in a month (only happens once in a blue moon). And blood, because it will be partially eclipsed at 5:30 AM and fully eclipsed on the West cost of North America.

Put red light bulbs in your lamps, let your eyes adjust. Go look at the moon, and it will look blue to you.
Hey, i might actually try that lol

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