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Dhhs should have been contacted way before it came to that. She would have been either led in the proper direction or deemed unable to make decisions for herself and her family contacted.

We treat out elderly as useless and disposable. And we all are susceptible to growing old.

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I think neither. Some people get very obstinate when they reach a certain age. Not wanting people to know their business. After being in control of their lives, all their lives, recognizing the complete loss of their independence, they take hold of anything which they can take charge of.

The one side of the story does indeed make it look bad.
Juanita admitted that the reason she is doing all this is for media attention. Activists come in all sizes and ages I guess.
She was in jail for two days - safe, warm, fed.
A friend then put her in a Motel.

I don't claim to know the whole story. But whomever 'reported' the story knows even less.

I'm kinda mixed about this, of course it's cruel to throw out an elderly lady like that into prison but TECHNICALLY prison is a type of shelter and in my mind I'm trying to figure out which is worse - to be in the streets or to be in prison. You know since alot of people have committed crime to go to prison just to have where to live.

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