Shame on you, Donald Trump for bashing the FBI and the Intelligence Agencies and trying to degrade all their hard work, men and women who put their lives on the line every day, 24/7. They are the first you call when there is a terrorist attack or a mass shooting. You have no proof of any wrongdoing but that doesn't stop you. The only reason you are doing it is because you're so afraid of the Mueller investigation that you will stop at nothing. You don't care one iota about the American people. If you're so innocent, why are you doing everything possible to get rid of the top people who are investigating yours and Russia's pact? Who's next? The newly installed Republican head of the FBI? Rod Rosenstein, a Republican that you put in place, so you can install someone else who will fire Mueller? Shame, shame on you Trump. You are a disgrace to America and to the office of the presidency!!!!!

When is the Congress going to step up to the plate and do something about this liar. Are they so blind they can't see what he's doing? Putting out a memo with classified information in it, one that they won't even let the Senators read before releasing it. Not letting the democrats put out their own memo rebutting what was said in the previous memo. We as Americans have always been fair and just, but Trump is doing away with all of that and if he isn't stopped soon, we will have a dictator as president. People let Hitler go too far and look what happened.!

If Trump wants transparency, why isn't he showing his tax returns and put an end to all of this. He won't because he knows he will go to jail if he does.