Life is like soccer because my mum signed me up for it without asking and expects me to do well, but I f@$&ing hate soccer.

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Have some of that you fecker!!! hehe smilie乂^◡^乂
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Haha Ken uppercut love it. hehe smilie

@Ada Haha Ken uppercut love it. 乂^◡^乂

Yeah Zidane the guy with the headbutt was a world cup winning captain playing his very last game and just flipped out. Kinda sad way to end his career.
eek smilie乂ᴼₒᴼ乂

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Perfect advice.. from Linnster

Your mother signing you up being the reason that "Life is like soccer" makes no sense and is actually a moronic statement. That doesn't mean you're a moron; only that you said something that one would say.

Keep trying, you might enjoy it soon. If not, drop out, nothing Mom can do about it.

Well I don't hate soccer but yeah, basically

Uour mom sounds mean. I skipped sports because I wasn't interested and took interesting classes instead, which helped me graduate early. Sports is such a waste of time and energy in my opinion.

Look for four leaf clovers, when you're on the field...

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