Making fun of President Trump's hair lowers us to the level of those who we wish to unseat. That has nothing to do with the issues. Please don't stoop to the same level as those who seek to further their divisive agenda. Our motto is about unity not separatism, e pluribus unum.

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The leader of the Free World had better be able to take a joke.

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The earliest that I'm old enough to remember vividly was Nixon and he was roasted regularly as have all since. YouTube video thumbnail No need to watch past the point that Paul Anka starts singing a terrible song.

@JerryHendrickson The leader of the Free World had better be able to take a joke.

Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world, she can take a joke ok.

What??? You want to put SNL out of business? Ha!

At first.....i may have made a joke or two, or at the very least I joined in. Been a long time, though.
There are far too many things going on that are, simply, not funny.
I will leave the jokes to the comedians.

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Peaceful protest ...

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Don't forget other remarks made by the "tolerant left", such as saying that people in Florida and Texas deserve to die in hurricanes, or saying that they don't feel sorry for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting "because they were probably Trump supporters, since it was a country show".
And they say right-wingers are hateful sociopaths. They're just projecting their own hate onto their opponents.

I support the guy and still pick on his hair and orange skin. He looks like an Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The king because he's the biggest.

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Gronk, You're absolutely right about that (if a RINO had won). I can still remember when the RINO George W. Bush was being relentlessly ridiculed by the media and there was even a Bush assassination movie done like a reality show event that I don't remember very much outrage being voiced.

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