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All the time.

I still do draw boats like that. jolly smilie

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A bit outta my league, I mean drawing all them windows and then colouring them in, it would take me forever Rob.omg smilie

Yeah both of my brothers and my mother are amazing at drawing but it just bored me I'd no interest in it.

So your other boat with the single black/yellow window (kinda like a rowing boat bottom with a house built in the middle, lolz) was as good as I ever got.biggrin smilie

A boat to me was like the one my dad built in the cellar, motorboat red , I wish I could draw well with this program, I could show you.

Nooo.....I didn't draw much. Circle flowers, mostly.

From whom have you received such an indicent picture of my mother?!! I demand to know the answer!

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