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How does a woman look at that and say to herself,
"Oh, I got to get me some of that!"

Shouldn't there be a law,that after two children that you can't take care of, you should be snipped in the southern regions to prevent this sponging off the taxpayers?

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Per father who is tasked with supporting his kids. The other rule should be that the gov will only pay for two kids at a time.

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How about fixing anyone who keeps reproducing irresponsibly? The nastiness hurled at Chip and Joanna Gaine for having their fifth child - more power to the. At least they are not thrown on the taxpayers to pay for.

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You know I am not referring to people who get into trouble not of their making. there were five in my family and I definitely know what hunger is but we were never thrown onto the taxpayers. That was unthinkable to our family. We now have five to seven generations who think welfare is a way of life and the more you have the more you get from the taxpayers.
Have as many children as you (by yourself) can take care of. The others should be offered $1,000 to be fixed.

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Just heard tonight that 1 in 20 adults are on disability. The previous administration felt it was better to get them on disability than to have unemployment look so bad.
I personally know several able-bodied people on disability. Apparently there is a certain doctor who will make sure you make on the
disability list.
I also know people who do get supplemental support from the government so they will not work extra hours.
How about the middle easterners who have multiple wives and kids? Are they entitled to be paid for everyone in their families?
I, so far from what I know, do agree that delivering food to the homes as opposed to just handing money may be a way to tackle this problem.

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This is supposed to be a farmer to table program and I'm pretty sure it will be figured out.
A can of tomatoes with some salt in it sounds a lot more nutritious than nothing at all.
Millions and millions of dollars have been wasted with no food going to kids who need it. Look at the school programs that have taken the place of parents. They are already feeding massive amounts kids.
In our area kids get a lunch no matter what the family income is.
Check your figures, it is a growing problem that the multiple wives and kids are getting
help from either the feds, the state, the county or charities. It is becoming a very real problem in some parts of the country.

What a life...

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