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Oh yeah forgot to mention that! Every guy has short hair and a beard and a beer belly and tuck their shirts into their pants and constantly tug on their belt and go HUH HUH dont wanna drop my drawers!

Lets see. My nightmare world would be everyone in suits acting like a perfect squeaky clean 50s sitcom, like HOWDY BUCKAROO!! Manditory church services, Outlawed LGBT ANYTHING, Being treated like a secondary character because of my gender, me being forced to wear some ridiculous like lolita or something dress or a poodle skirt! Or any skirt that comes past the knee for that matter.

I'd be married to someone who looks like trump and actually have to have.....ok that's just TOO HORRIBLE to imagine even here....

It would snow like all the time or be extremely hot and humid, Every house looks the same, everyone's idea of rebellion is wearing flip flops on the weekend, their idea of a crazy weekend is two coronas at TGI Fridays.... Their idea of vices is "IM A CHOCOHOLIC HAW HAW HAW!!" The only music on the radio is Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, Toby Keith, Justin Timberlake, or Christian rock, and We'd have to spend like 4 hours a day in a supermarket full of squabbling old people who get worked up over who got to the counter first and have to listen to them.

My Job would be working at said supermarket dealing with the dumbest and most stuck up customers in the universe, who want to check EVERY SINGLE PRICE EVER before ringing things up and then decide to put half their stuff back prompting me to go get the manager and make a whole big deal.

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What Janet is NOT!

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someone needs a spanking

There would be no humor in my nightmare world. There would be no tolerance for nonconformists, for non-homogenized people, for people who don't believe in a particular God (doesn't matter which one), nor for ideas outside of the norm.

There would only be "white music" (music bereft of African influences). On the TV would be nothing but reality shows. The New England Patriots would win every Super Bowl, the New York Yankees every World Series, and the Azzurri every World Cup. Cable TV would somehow be even more expensive.

I would have the smallest in the world. Every female would give little me a disapproving look, and every man would challenge me to a fist fight.

Every vehicle would run on diesel fuel and spew out huge volumes of exhaust. My car would handle like a mini-van. I would never be able to figure out gadgets like my cell phone. The smoke detectors in my house would be going off constantly.

And there would be mushrooms in everything we eat.

I could go on for hours..

@PhilboydStudge There would be no humor in my nightmare world. There would be no tolerance for nonconformists, for...

you can pretty much couple that on to my nightmare world too. Except also add that i have to keep up a up to date social media profile to get a job but the popular media platform keeps changing. Like this week its twitter....then kik....then instagram.....then....twitch.....then twizzle..then figgity piggity....then bubbity booo...

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I think he would agree!

I'm always back in the Army; it's like jail and I'm trying to escape.

"The Handmaids Tale" comes close. A dystopian hell-scape of fear, oppression, violence, unhappiness, slavery, rape...

And those hats! Horrible!

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