HELLo y'all...tell me how awesome y'all are...especially for sticking 'round Amirite...

I've just come back from time in rehab - don't ask - stuck there all Christmas - and it might take me some time to acclimatize. Hope you are all happy and have fun going on in your life....

I've got some mail to go thru...eventually I'll touch base with everyone.

I logged on Sunday and enjoyed the listing (good posts, Anonymous)...it made me laugh and I had the thought that I might be missing y'all...I certainly haven't forgotten about you, OZ....

smile smilie

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Oh, the weirdo is back. Just in the time to find out, that John had a neat exit, right after I finally decided to give him a clean pass - for the moment, which obviously passed - and... Now it's all... Just as fucked up as usually things are. I gave him a plus, he went -2 and now you're here with a plus... One?

@Sukiesnow I see everything is still normal...you neurotic puppy...

So, it's merely a coincidence, that he left right after you got away from your funny jacket? And right after I decided I should give him a go, after being completely ignorant of him for a month and a halve?

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After what I've had to deal with John and Kas, I think I should put an extra Can+twelve thousand.


How cold was your Christmas? Or did you manage to get away?

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Now Platty, I'd never ignore
Such a sterling, good fellow — top drawer.
Nor could I e'er hate
Such a member so great,
And so honest — true blue to the core.
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I will...probably not as much, though...

Good to see you back!

You have been sorely missed, sugar.
So good to see your return.
I think the rev mentions you at least once a week:)

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Welcome Back!! We've missed you hug smilie

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Sweet Isabel...

I still remain skeptical about all of this. This seems like a false flag op.

I don't know about me being awesome, but it's good to see you and hopefully you're all better from rehab.


I'l still come here sometimes..
While taking a break and having coffee after work.

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