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Sounds like a pile of BS. Examples:

//"In fact, there are learning, memory, thinking, and problem-solving abnormalities that occur due to the long-term use of cannabis. These cognitive malfunctions are most probably the reason behind your poor performance at school or work." // How much of a long-term user can you be if you are still in school?

"Apparently, long-term cannabis users eventually develop the need to continue and try heavy drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and opiates. " Apparently - who told you that - your mom?

Reference to a 'brain study' with no link? I looked it up. A study of 15 (yes 15!) 'very heavy' users. OK. So it did find "no alterations of the orbitofrontal and anterior- and paracingulate cortices, or the pituitary gland." and concluded: "These findings indicate that chronic cannabis use has a selective impact on the morphology of the mediotemporal lobe." No indication of memory loss or behavioral abnormalities.

This article seems like something your parent would get at a church meeting.

For the record I am not a big fan of recreational use, but I am a fan of deregulation and letting people do whatever the hell they want to do.

Fortunately I'm not a smoker of anything.

They're talking here about chronic use. I don't even have the money to buy enough for that. However there are cheaper, and easier to ingest, and more euphoric legal drugs out there. It's the only way I can get through a retail job without stabbing all these brain dead customers. Through drug use I have become one of the most beloved and kindest cashiers.

Some things about pot today make me uncomfortable in it's use and sales (For me). I am an advocate for decriminalizing and leaving it up to the states but I have a few reservations. While I haven't smoked pot in over 45+ years, pot has changed since I was a kid. It's 15 times more powerful today than it was in the 60's. It's like they changed if from a can of beer to a bottle of Scotch.

Here I am, siding with liberals. Weed should be legal.

I don't have a need for it..

One thing is for sure...smoke of any kind and lungs, don't go together..

@OzSurfer That's what I find. Smoke and I don't get along well together

It doesn't get along with anybody.
Some people learn to tolerate it better than others..

The reason why I said that about smoke and lungs.

I personally know people that smoke weed and some(not all) have this false idea, that somehow, smoke from weed is not as bad as cigarettes..or it's a healthier choice..

I don't even attempt to argue about it with them..
There's no reasoning with that level of logic..

Sadly, one day they'll have to learn the hard way..but that's the choices they made in their lives..

@DandyDon It doesn't get along with anybody. Some people learn to tolerate it better than others.. The reason why I said...

Good points. I have an almost allergic reaction to it, even wildfire smoke that can blanket the town we are told is not harmful if we try not to breath too much for a couple of weeks until it clears. I don't buy any of it. I usually leave town when it happens or my lungs feel like they're on fire.

My dad smoked for 40 years and is now on permanent oxygen for emphysema and struggles for every breath. I think if any regular smoker saw someone in that state, surely it'd have to make them want to quit.

reading inaccurate post leads to anxiety, feelings of paranoia and dry eyes.