Society should stop communal riots that humiliate man and fierce battles that devastate life. What does it do but? Captures them in still and movie films and flashes around the world. Is it to tell posterity man's brutality or his inhuman scientific capability?

In the name of journalism, communal violence and battles are captured in cameras and shown to the whole world. This act will only demoralize people. Children specially get affected by seeing such violence. Cinema is already showing violence to the detriment of societal health. Let us not waste our time, energy and wealth in this kind of unwanted journalistic activities.It is better journalism is used to highlight only good aspects of life.

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We should stop. But as long as there are people who seek to subjugate us or profit by harming us we need to stand and show the world the impact of brutal greed.

I fear it will never stop until humans evolve to be less egocentric.

Sounds like you advocate hiding the truth. Give me the name of one journalist today you think everyone should listen to.

It appears that you have not understood the spirit of the discussion.

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We need not wait till the whole society changes. We must start rectifying one by one. We should not allow misuse of technologies to aggravate the situation in an already volatile environment. When the political class is completely immature almost all over the world it becomes a bounden duty on the intellectual sections to set right the malady. Let us not encourage the acts that can cause more and more harm.

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DW isn't it sad people have become such a bunch of fools. I think a lot of it starts in their youth which is now made too easy for them - they can't get spanked or yelled at, schools have to give everyone a good grade or a prize or a good grade even if they did nothing to deserve it. youth entitlement makes them think the world owes them a free living.

The word people should be reserved for only humans who behave like humans and not to barbarians. People who will do what they like unmindful of others cannot claim to be people. There is something we call civilization.

@ezhil The word people should be reserved for only humans who behave like humans and not to barbarians. People who will do...

Ya ezhil almost seems we have gone back to the ancient roman mind set putting on big productions that are for the rich people and the masses to watch and enjoy. Today we don't have clubs and their killing tools. but guns - no lions but cars to crash. No coliseum just every town . No seating but plenty of cameras and excited news casters.

If you don't show what is wrong with the world ... how do you propose to end those things?

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