What happened to Sodahead? Was it taken over by the Chinese?

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CIA doesn't run out of money, Mark.

The owners of the site decided it would be more lucrative, to turn it into a pollware site. It likely has been, but I don't for sure.

It is still there but they went into another business. Some kind of polling site i think. It was a shock when we went to sign on and we couldn't. No warning at all. Fef was a jerk.

It's not a coincidence, that I said they were a CIA front, just a couple weeks prior they decided to stop playing ball.

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Well, FBI is officially restricted to working within the limits of the states, while with the CIA, they aren't officially allowed to work on the US soil. NSA can do pretty much anything they want, including reading this message - which they will, since I'm on a watch list. Homeland is pretty much a rogue organization, not really having any proper oversight from any normally functioning regulatory party, they just go and be dicks about it, whenever and where-ever they want.

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Canadians have borders? That's new.

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Too many conservatives sneaking in. hehe smilie

No. It’s Sold-n-Dead now.))

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They simply sold out... and chased the money and dropped the social site.

At first they just sold some equity to gain some cash for the social website, but those that bought the equity bought it for an investment...

Simple put the money was better in the pollware site than in the social site and the money hungry equity investors twisted their arm until they dropped the social site and went 100% into pollware.

But the REALLY stupid part, and the part they'll always be truly hated for is that they gave the social users NO WARING!!!! They just locked us out out of nowhere.

I remember them and all the crazies.

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