What was the most overrated trend of 2017?

67% This 0% That 0% And like this!!! 33% Other
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You're right about that!


I'll second that one. Ha!

MAGA hats and 'taking a knee' both intended to divide not unify.

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I support the sentiment, but it fits the category.


Sounds like America.

Getting bad news from the doctor was a trend I'd love to forget.

I kinda feel like I was under a rock last year, but I did have a man bun that needs to go out of style along with dreads.

Disco music.

@Azlotto Disco music.

Lol when was that a thing?

@Lookimhonest Lol when was that a thing?

I confuse 1977 with 2017... I guess I need to get up to speed here. ; )

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A fear of xylophones?

The book of Excuses.

I think snarkiness hit an all time high.😋

Fake News - Calling reality that don't fit your narrative "Fake News" or spreading actual fake news to fit a narrative.
And some of the famous hashtags in Twitter.

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