To tell the truth I can't help but miss my ex fiancee. We both had babies by other people while on a break. I love my kids, but honestly everytime I look at them I wish they were by my ex. I should've been the one she got pregnant by. It's been almost a year and I can't stop thinking about being with her. Call me crazy or dumb but since she left for good I'm realizing how much I'm in love with her.

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Alright, John Wayne!

You were on a break long enough for both to have children? What an odd life you must be having.

I think you're forgetting why she's your ex, and probably forgetting all the bad things that happened to cause the split. Face reality and move on.

Are you in love because you're alone and she is not?

If not....what rooster said.

Yes it is hard to get over someone you loved. But whst is what is. do the best you can with it.

Your crazy and dumb.

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