If you were a spy,what would your spy name be?

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Image for post If you were a spy,what would your spy name be?
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I cheated, I took the spy name quiz:


Image in content That's right, you take yourself so seriously that you, in fact, have TWO spy monikers and not just one! Known the world over as "Agent Zero", or "The Marksman", or to smart@$$es everywhere as "Agent Zero AKA The Marksman", you are a tride and true American force of justice - or demise, depending on who's paying that day. Aside from your obsurd good looks and god-given ability to instantaneously strike a pose whenever a camera is within sixty yards, you specialize in seductively holding a gun and making the most infuriating of "spy faces" at your enemies. And despite what the academy said, you still can't figure out where everyone's obsession with ridiculously tight leather came from, as it is extremely limiting on the battlefield. But hey, at least you look good, right?

Wondering why nobody said, Maxwell Smart. Am I just getting old?

Clock Eater.

John Smokeston.

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