"Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People"....

No particular "point", aside from how often I've seen similar quotes. I can foresee what many people will say, should they choose to comment.

Dog shoots owner during hunting trip in Russia A hunter has been fatally shot by his own dog in a freak accident in Russiahttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/22/dog-shoots-man-hunting-trip-russia/
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There are all kinds of dogs.

Assassin Dogs:

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Ninja dogs:

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Even Boxers:

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They DO! The gun does kill people, though, wouldn't you say? Might be a dog that sets it off, a baby, or a little kid.

What happened too the dog? 乂ᵒ .ᴼ乂

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@Ada What happened too the dog? 乂ᵒ .ᴼ乂

The dogs that have shot or killed a people with a gun, have generally been found innocent of murderous intent.

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Good point. According to available data, there have been 2 dog bite fatalities in the US this year, and around 2,000 by gun.

I know of few people who wish to ban gun ownership.

In this case the irresponsible care of the owner got him shot. Guns can be safe, just know your do's and don'ts

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Although I don't see anything negative about "stirring the pot" on an opinion site , that wasn't really my intent.

Yeah, the gun is surely a powerful tool of death that people wield.

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I saw someone here on this site state: "I’m so sick and tired of hearing this bullshit about guns killing people". I've seen and heard many other similar comments, every time there is any kind of discussion about guns killing people.

I could not dispute much of anything you've said, even I wanted to. I don't think that many at all believe that banning guns would outweigh any cost, though.

What I know with a fair amount of certainty, is that countless people would be alive, if someone with a gun had not snapped and killed another in a moment of anger. They almost surely wouldn't have, had they not been carrying or had easy access to a gun.
I figure a former police captain of good repute, would be considered a responsible gun owner.

That is my only 'point', aside from the fact that a non-person has indeed killed a people with a gun...

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I'll go out a limb here, and say that I figure more people than not know that factually.

I understand also, that many people think certain restrictions on the kinds of guns and ammunition people can so easily buy, is not a violation or threat to the 2nd Amendment they often rather rabidly defend.

Most people I know or listen to, are indeed aware that there are laws already in place, that could, may have, have prevented many deaths.

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If I had some definitive solution that I felt firm about, that might even even lessen the number of gun deaths I hear about almost every day....I'd be figuratively shouting it from the rooftops. Not here, probably , but in other ways.

I can't think of any reason I've heard that is valid to me, why just about anyone should be able to buy a military style rifle, and the high-capacity magazines so often used in massacres of people or animals. It is concerning to me, knowing how easily people can acquire them. I support restrictions on who can legally buy and own them, and sell them.

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I understand that you have a lot more experience with and knowledge of guns than I. I do read quite a bit about this issue, however, so I'm aware that there are more powerful and effective firearms than the "scary looking" AR-15-style rifles.

I don't claim to know how a big a difference limiting magazine sizes would have. If it made even a small difference, as opposed to a massive one, that would likely mean less people dead.

I know we will never see to eye-to-eye on this subject, too, because we apparently have a different interpretation of the 2nd amendment. Yes, I will continue to support gun restrictions that I discern to be reasonable.

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I always appreciate your input, whether I agree with it, or not.

People with guns kill people.

@StarzAbove People with guns kill people.

And dogs. Dogs, little kids, and even babies have killed a people with a gun.

Take the guns out of the equation and we would have seventeen people still with us today.

Dogs can't lie but I still don't believe this one.

@unknowncondition Dogs can't lie but I still don't believe this one.

Hmm...far as I know, the dog in question made no statement about the shooting.

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Alrighty then! Although this post isn't about "disarming" anyone, I do wish you luck should you get in a battle with a swat team or the armed forces.

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Of course it does! No, I'm not sure what a "man trap" is...regarding a SWAT team. As I said previously..good luck!

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Although I do not feel watching a cartoon is beneath me, I haven't had a chance to watch that yet. Maybe later..

And that....is why guns have a safety on them..

Had the dog turned the safety off in mid air...then hit the trigger, it would be a different story..

Carelessness can get you shot by a fence too..

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