Cinema is a great technological enemy of people, of the world.Economic offences only robs man of his money but cinema robs his mind.People are taken to an unreal world!

Though camera is a great invention, it is terribly being misused by cinema people.Cinema has occupied a significant place in the life of people.People are taken for a ride.Cinema runs a parallel economy. Lot of money is squandered in the making of cinema, which can be used to feed hungry millions. Cinema is misusing science to fool the gullible specially children. Entertainment should be only a fringe activity. But it occupies a prominent place in the society. This is a dangerous trend.

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Cinema does not exercise your brain. It spoils it. Do you say that cinema artists do those creations for free? They do it for the lure of money. There is nothing positive or greatness about the cinema artists

I understand what you are saying, and to an extent you are right, but if you play that out the whole way we would have farmers and hunter/gatherers. Any other occupation would be a waste or and economic offense. It seems you have decided that cinema is the cause of hunger in the world.

Entertainment should only be a fringe activity? As entertainment, which it sounds like you think is wasting time, do you also include, reading, hiking, going out to dinner, music, "being on social media", going to a party and playing games with your family as a waste of time?
Entertainment of all kinds, creates jobs. Those jobs pay for the food on millions of peoples tables. You say the money spent on creating cinema can be better spent to feed the hungry. Without the money generated by cinema and other forms of entertainment, there would be no money from those industries to begin with.
It sounds like you want to give away eggs without having any chickens.

I agree that we spend a lot of money on the cinema. I also agree that we should moderate our consumption. I personally would not use any movie character as a basis for my behavior, morals, etc.. Same goes for the actors themselves. However, I'm sure children might.

Had this post been about "video games" I would have wholeheartedly agreed. They are an escape that seems to do more damage than good for its patrons. Still though, it's their money and time.

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Thanks man. I was thinking about something a Buddhist said on a YouTube video I recently watched. He said something like.. we should continually work on ourselves and our own spirituality. Anything that is good for us, we should nurture. Anything that is bad for us, we should reject.

It's so obvious it sounds almost ridiculous. If only it were that easy though.

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Many people who play video games seem to overdo it. These people can easily spend hours playing games compulsively. Doing something for physical would be better for their health. They also might benefit from more human interaction.

How do I know this? Because I do it myself. sad smilie

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Never saw him before. I expected far less than I heard.

If that's the case, you can say the same about music. Anything can be overdone but a good dose of fantasy is a healthy thing.

@JerryHendrickson If that's the case, you can say the same about music. Anything can be overdone but a good dose of fantasy is a...

Responsibility to the people is more important than keeping people in a fantasy world. Cinema does not have any responsibility with regard to societal welfare.Their only goal is to mint money.The cinema is full of misguided and immature individuals whose goals are cheap.

Reality is bitter. Why? Because of our own misdeeds. Instead of setting right the mistakes we should not try to escape to a fantasy world. Having sensed the reality, cinema fellows exploit the weaknesses of people and make huge money. Making money is their only agenda and not the welfare of people. There are better ways of relaxation than cinema.

Sooo, not a fan of fiction, eh?

I'm not a fan of Hollywood - not at all. There are parts of your complaint I agree with. But, I think you've gone over the top a bit.

I don't follow your parallel economy issue.

Feed hungry children? Time and place dude. You could say the same thing about any business. And, as much as I hate to say anything positive about Hollywood, there are lot's of cinematic people giving time and money to charitable efforts.

Cinema people thrive on black money. Such tainted money cannot make an actor a great philanthropist.When essentials are not available for many, spending so much on entertainment like cinema is a heinous crime.
Cinema creates jobs!--Do you know the level of exploitation in cinema industry? It has become an antisocial activity which causes lot of problems in the society. I hope you have read the recent revelations about famous cinema directors.Let us, as mature adults, not glorify the temporary pleasure you get while watching cinema.The hangover effect is deleterious. Let us also think of the less fortunate brethren. The wealth of any nation belongs to all people there.It cannot go only to select few cunning people!

@ezhil Cinema people thrive on black money. Such tainted money cannot make an actor a great philanthropist.When essentials...

Wealth should not belong to all people. It should belong to those who have earned it. Generally, those who believe they are entitled to what others have worked for, haven't, and refuse to do what it takes to make it on their own.
If I pay for my own education, and then work 60 - 80 hours a week, and take the risks to become successful, so I can afford to buy what I want and live where I want, why should I give part of that to those who are too lazy to do what I have done? Our decisions in life often dictate our wealth.

The argument is about cinema. But you have shifted the focus to something else.Many remain poor because of lack of opportunity and their opportunities are often denied. The so called successful men are known to indulge in wrong doings to accumulate wealth.How people earn ? Only with he help of fellow men.Can you alone sit somewhere and earn? While amassing wealth many exploit the disadvantaged.The institutions in which you earned your degrees were established by the society. But for the institutions set up by the society you cannot become somebody worthy. Therefore it is obvious that you owe some responsibility to the poor class also who have also contributed for the establishment of institutions.

Technology is neutral. It is how you use it, that decides whether it is "friend or foe".

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