How many people on here do you think have multiple accounts? In looking at a few of the newer, or anonymous accounts, the comments, posts and agendas seem almost identical to certain other individuals. What do you think about it?

Do people generate fake accounts and make posts so it looks like "others" are agreeing with their agendas? I see some of these accounts come and go. Are these just "throw away" accounts, or accounts to reach people who have blocked them? Just curious.

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I've always wondered what those unregistered users mean, I thought it's some bug or something.

I don't try to keep up with them. I used to spend some time comparing and trying to figure them out, but all it did was piss me off, and piss them off when I challenged them. If someone wants to come back with a good attitude and have some fun, I'm all for it. If they are just a bad apple that wants to make trouble, they will show their colors soon enough. They usually can't help themselves. JMHO.

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That's because you're transparent Rooster. What we see, is what we get. People like you don't feel a need to hide behind a different name when you say something.

I've noticed a few. I think if the rule against having more than one account is going to be enforced, it should not be be enforced so selectively.

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I have no idea how many but I'm sure there are some.

I feel certain that there are, jim.
I try to pay attention to writing styles. And the seemingly intentional covering up of writing styles.
What a pain that must be...and the time. Geeze......

@Carla I feel certain that there are, jim. I try to pay attention to writing styles. And the seemingly intentional...

How true Carla. I don't understand some people. You aren't going to agree with something I say just because I use a different name. Some people aren't as clever as they think they are.

I guess that is some people's idea of fun.

And it is the same worn out people, over and over again.

I had two once -because I somehow got locked out of the one I opened as furryanimal.When it started working again it was soon picked up.Its against site rules-if this is true and I honestly haven't noticed-Lets enforce them.

Pretty sure I know who McInsect is the sock for. Why do it? I imagine that they want to be able to post their more radical views without the criticism being directed at their main account. Pretty wimpy really. I just say all of my crazy shit right here.

I can't really say, usually people give themselves out because of their opinion, most used words or overall style of writing.

I haven't been around much to see what the newest members are saying, but from before, I only know of one member that keeps coming back with different accounts after being suspended/banned. There's probably more, but I don't think it's that many. Maybe 3 people?

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