What's the most expensive thing you've broken?

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An antique wine glass

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Takes a knee :(

Back in the early 70's, I broke my friend's color t.v. by knocking a lava lamp onto the picture tube. I bought a new t.v. to replace it ... a huge expense for me back then! cry smilie

A hand-blown glass collectible crab at someone's house party :(

A cut glass Tiffany table lamp out of the mid-1900s that belonged to my fiancée's mom.

@Flrdsgns Did she become an ex-fiancee or did she still marry you?

Lol :) My fiancée cut me a break and let me marry her :) Her mom was very gracious, making light (haha - pun) of the damage... yaaay!!

My car! Getting it fixed really was highway robbery.

A box truck. I had delivered a couple pallets of parts to a Union plant. When I left the plant my brakes went out and I decided to run into the back of another truck instead of oncoming traffic or other cars. Turned out my brake fluid line on the right side had been cut. And people wonder why I don't like Unions. Ha!

crystal vase

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