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An antique wine glass

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Takes a knee :(

Back in the early 70's, I broke my friend's color t.v. by knocking a lava lamp onto the picture tube. I bought a new t.v. to replace it ... a huge expense for me back then! cry smilie

A hand-blown glass collectible crab at someone's house party :(

A cut glass Tiffany table lamp out of the mid-1900s that belonged to my fiancée's mom.

@Flrdsgns Did she become an ex-fiancee or did she still marry you?

Lol :) My fiancée cut me a break and let me marry her :) Her mom was very gracious, making light (haha - pun) of the damage... yaaay!!

My car! Getting it fixed really was highway robbery.

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Karma caught up with them.
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crystal vase