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Wedding song - song that plays when you go down the aisle or when the married people dance for the first time
to pick up your wedding song - to choose your wedding song

Sofias avatar Sofia Agree +4Reply

my best friend and i picked our wedding song together and then we got married to it. (it's Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac)

This may sound childish / infantile and self-centered, but I blush and cringe at the very thought of wedding parties and songs. Not because I have anything against the idea, but because I'm mortally shy about it. If I ever had a relationship and got married, I'd hopefully like to have something discrete that doesn't involve a huge crowd.

So... If I ever get married... Here's an idea for my evil friends out there: set me up a surprise wedding party, with a very beautiful / emotional wedding song. Make it a freaking spectacle that will make everyone smile and cry tears of happiness. Then watch me blush and die from shyness. :P

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I would.

Carlas avatar Carla Agree +3Reply

Of course. Hopefully, the person you are marrying, is your best friend.

No, I picked my own wedding song.

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