What's an event for which you are happy to say' I was There?

Image for post What's an event for which you are happy to say' I was There?
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I hope this isn't an insensitive question as such, but the way you put it... Did they... off... at the same time?

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Well, I bet you will be in all of their divorces as well.

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If they seem happy, can I have them as they are?

The 72 Olympics.

Can't say I was happy I was there, but Bobby's assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968

Seen J.F.K. campaigning in Brooklyn. I never voted for him.

A Pink Floyd concert.

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The Mayan Apocalypse. LOL

My birth

...The Big Bang

@fuzala My birth ...The Big Bang

Glad you made it :D You have wonderfully beautiful people around you in your pictures, and you're a shining example of beauty as well :) No flirt or anything negative, lol... just saying :)

The christening of my niece - I was given the honor to become her "God Father"

Seeing the Berlin Wall come down on TV, marching for equality numerous times, including the Women's March, voting for Barack Obama, tons of small personal things like family trips,etc which bettered my life. <3

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