Elections are Held to Create the Illusion of Freedom

Forget party affiliation, they all work for corporate interests. Showing two parties gives us the illusion of choice where none exists. The 1% own and control the country. The rest of us have absolutely no influence whatsoever on govt policy whether foreign or domestic and it will only change when the majority recognizes that fact and joins together to defeat it.
Congress has the lowest approval rating ever and yet 95% will be reelected.
Now we're using electronic voting machines making elections a bigger joke than they already were. Exit polls from the last election made it clear that votes were not being tallied accurately. The fact that they don't allow exit polls anymore is a clue and a half. Recounts? Good luck with that. Since they got away with 9/11 they don't even try to hide it anymore. One look at the Trump admin makes it obvious they do whatever they want safe in the knowledge that the American public will buy the same bullshit time and time again.

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There's more than one alternative
Publicly funded elections with a paper trail and dump electoral college would work 4 me.

Elections are to create a perception that you have some influence on the government. Which we don't. What freedoms we have or have lost depends a lot on where you live and what your local government is like. The less dependent on things the government controls the more independent you become. JMHO

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That's what police are for

Maybe. I'll still go ahead and vote though, just in case.

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