An aid to creativity is curiosity. List some things that you are curious about.

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The sugarwater that they get to flow will draw ants.

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I have a pair of piliated that only come in the winter. They usualy work on a tall dead maple stump in my yard ( same tree the norther flickers nested in last year). This year, they started on a living pine. I have no doubt that, given time, they will take it out.

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Aw...dont tell me that, will.
Try boric acid. It is much more benign. You can mix it with different things for different kinds of ants.

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Yes...buggers will find a way.

I'm curious about mostly everything except celebrities or most sports figures. I do like Hershel Walker and a few other really good examples for our youth.
I just picked up a book "The Real Revolution" the global story of American Independence, by Marc Aronson.
It is fascinating. I think it may be a kid's book but sometimes I learn more from these books than the others that are written.

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Florida is stingy with its warm weather.

What are other sentient species from other planets like?
If we will ever decode our own DNA gene by gene?
If time travel could ever be possible.
If the hypothesis that there is an alternate dimension for every possible version of us is true.
If there will ever be a material that can replace decayed enamel and dentin, as well as be aesthetically pleasing and have no effect on the other teeth, bone matter or the organism as a whole.

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