What sentimental gift do you still have from your early childhood.

I still have a plastic, golden palomino horse that is about a foot tall given to me by my grandparents when I was around 6 years old. Over the decades, the saddle was lost, but it still sits on a shelf in my office as a reminder of a simpler and more innocent time.

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I have a little plastic linus doll that i carried around when i was a toddler. There was a blanket, too. But apparrently mom washed it into oblivion.
Gosh...i still have many other things...my dads trumpet. I tried to play it in second grade(no musical gift:()
A ceramic boxer and siamese cat that my grandad gave to me. And a swiss type army type knife, too.

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It would be interesting to see the changes in definitions in the past 90 years.

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That's a cool keepsake.

I have a dress my grandmother made for me as an infant 70 years ago. It's hand-stitched soft cotton with crocheted trim.

One I cherish the most, is a tiny ceramic turtle. I had rather obviously yearned for it when I saw it in a store, but didn't expect to actually get it. My father left on a longish TDY shortly afterwards, and when he came home, he had that little turtle in his pocket, wrapped in white tissue paper.

My brother broke it's head off later, but my dad painstakingly glued it back on. It's hard to covey how much it meant to me, knowing the thought and effort behind that little gift.

My grandmother knitted me a sweater when I was in my teens. I still have that sweater and still wear it occasionally and think of Grandma every time. Think of it - that sweater was made about 50 years ago! Granny knew how to knit!

My gifts were mostly clothes when I was little but I do have some very old black and white pictures that are better than gold to me.

It's all gone. House-fire.

My teddy bear. Lassie it was given to me when I was born😊

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