I'm sitting here reading my past question replies, and I'm just chuckling over some of the stuff that I wrote in the past. How about you, do you ever look at your past replies and think man why did I say that or you didn't realize at the time that you had a bit of a sense of humor.

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Yup. Not only here. Sometimes I find some old comment I made on Youtube (from 4 years ago or something) and I have to chuckle, especially if now I don't think the same. I'm still as sarcastic as I was back then though. That hasn't changed xD

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Nice to see you about skunky. 乂º◡º乂

I was a teen when I joined amirite. I laugh at a lot of posts and comments and I’m sure I’ll keep on figuring these mistakes out one by one.

Some of it's really cringe-worthy...also a reason I rarely read old diaries...:)

I have and am embarrassed by the number spelling errors that I made while trying to type fast. My fingers were just not made for this. 😊


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