Warning Signs: I like when they go directly to the point.

I saw this sign in the town I'm working. It made me laugh. (If it's not really visible, on the second paper it says: "Please leave your car unlocked to save us having to climb over it// If you cannot read a verbal translation is available on request"). Feel free to post other funny signs.

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Hahahahaha xD

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Double entendre! Lol. Probably truth to both meanings.

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Image in content

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When I see signs like this all I can think is: They saw the necessity to put a sign... because someone actually did it.

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hehe smilie
I remember seeing a sign somewhere that said something like "Forget the dog. Beware the angry lady.".


Hah - For some people, the "$200 FINE" part will probably be the most effective in catching their attention and scaring them away. :P

Also, I wonder how many people ever had to pay that fine. :P


Hahahaha xD Love it!

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