Have you ever thrown your pet a birthday party?

Image for post Have you ever thrown your pet a birthday party?
37% Yes 53% No 11% Other
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Darn. I wish I'd thought of that...

No party for the canines. Extra treat and lovin' but no parties.

Sort of, once. She didn't like it, and it was really stupid to think she would.

Nope. But he did help himself to some birthday cake before it was cut. Yikes.

Making parties with pointed hats, confetti and other pets as guests just seems.....weird

No. I know both of my dogs bdays, i recognize them. They are spoiled a bit every day. Cats are rescued, i only know what year they were born.

I have thrown my pet.

Does that count?

The thought just never happened - neat idea, though ;)

They are small birthday parties, but they were still considered parties.

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