43* F Doesn't Sound Very Warm

On Feb. 23 that was the temperature reading in northern Greenland . A full 63 F above average high temperatures of -20 for February. Anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) marches on much faster than predicted and nobody is doing anything. Unless you count making things worse by opening more public land for drilling and fracking and cutting alternative energy funds as the Trump admin has done. The arctic's Bearing Sea lost a third of its ice in 8 days in the dead of winter and while a single weather event cannot be directly linked to ACD and as shocking as this is to climatologists it doesn't seem people in the US see this as an area of concern. Denial propaganda propagated by the fossil fuel industry, along with other corporate interests, is playing a key role in the destruction of the environment as are those who continue to buy into their bullshit. Among other reasons for denial there are people in congress who don't believe ACD is real because God promised Noah he wouldn't flood the world again.The ravages of profit driven Capitalism will kill us all.