It is one of my favourite movies and a must watch for those who haven't. SRIDEVI is the name of lead actress in this movie who passed away recently, but left behind this masterpiece and many others. Her legacy will be forever etched in our memories.

Housewife and caterer Shashi is usually mocked by her family for not knowing English. Her attempt to learn the language helps her rediscover herself and reassert her value as a mother and as a wife.

English Vinglish (Unseen Trailer) | Sridevi Best Movie - YouTubeWatch Full Free Movies Here: Eros International presents a R.Balki productions film 'English Vinglish' directed by Gauri...
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Looks like a nice feel good movie.

I like people being encouraged to learn the language of the country they live in.

seemed right

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I liked English Vinglish

She's a good actress that's for sure

Dutch (1991)
Dutch was a feel-good movie for the family, with very few raunchy innuendoes. It was the type of movie that made 90's movies great - it was not a sappy romantic comedy where you guessed the ending, nor was it a slap-stick comedy that was more stupid than funny. It had its heart-warming moments, but for the most part was just random hilarious mishaps. watch here

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