What Places Do You Remember Fondly From Childhood?

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My grandparents house. Theirs was one of only a dozen or so near a small, remote lake. There was a forest of pine trees in their backyard. I loved the smell of those trees and even the soil beneath them.

Mainz, Germany, and my mother's parent's house and little farm in rural Kentucky.

My grandma's garden where I happily grazed, played, and often reigned from atop a plum tree. Also my grandpa's workshop where he fixed everything imaginable and made us cars from lawnmower engines .... and never let on that I was a pest.

My uncle's farm. It had a small pond where we would go fishing and a huge hill where we'd test out the latest coaster we built. There were always bandages back at the house afterwards.

places I liked to hike or hide at. Now all gone from buildings being built upon everything I liked.

My parents always took us to upstate N.Y. for vacation.I always thought it was so beautiful.At the time we lived in Bay Ridge Bklyn.Now I own a home with 4 acres and beautiful views.In upstate N.Y.

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