Why is the discussion of immigration policy and ethnic tolerance spawning so much hate? For the sake of avoiding the use of unrelated taboos, which might spawn more unsesical disgust, some parts of the story im about to tell are altered. I had gone to the store after a consuming session of schoolwork and studying. I bought a bag of sweets to relief my nerves and to regain some motivations for the remaining endevours of the day. After opening the bag with care and anticipation for the innevitable relaxation and mental recovery the tasty treat, I encountered a man who was dark by complexion, missing some teeth and talking a slightly untutored finnish, but in a manner respectable for a foreigner. He came to me and asked ”Hey, I noticed you just opened a bag of sweets. What kind of sweets are those?”. Immediatly my mind was overflown with scenarios of self defence and fighting for whats mine, but i managed to state quite clearly ”The good ones.” The stranger took liking to this anwser and asked if he could possibly join me with my delicios candy and try some. After contemplating for a moment and readying myself for a conflict I commanded the man to only take one sweet and no more. The man seemed happy for the chance to enjoy some sweets just as I had when opening them. The man took one treat and ate it, but then followed a moment where I was readying my self and pumping my system full of adrenaline. If that man takes one more sweet I’ll be obligated to change this friendly encounter into a war of greed, I thought possibly not articulated literally in that fashion, but nevertheless a selfish and unnecessarily drastic train of thought. The man took a few more sweets and that completely triggered my self defence mode and I started defending my posessions by threatening the man.”If you take one more sweet i swear to god I’ll do something to you!” hate spreading in my veins directed not at the man who was standing before me, but at an evil man who was trying to take what was MINE. The man was shocked and disappointed in my response and probably depressed at my ape-like response to a friendly encounter asked if he was to just throw the bag of sweets away if it was causing this much pain. Of course I only interpeted this as a decleration of war and fought harder against this monster who didn’t care that I was the owner of the candy and he had no rights to it. We parted shortly after as a victorious warrior succesful at defending he’s property and as an archnemesis worthy of hatred of the most vicious kind. Doesn’t exacly sound reasonable or logical in any way, but such simple, affectable creatures are humans, that we distort reality when it doesn’t fit our head. After walking for a moment with good phase a frown and looud music in my head, I was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. The man had ran after a while of walking in the other direction most likely thinking what a douce he had just met, but something in him clicked and instead of just moving on and blinding himself of an opportunity he turned around and caught up with me. I took off my headphones and looked at him with a prejudiced look of annoyance. And then we started talking about what just happened, not as fictional nemeses, but at humans equal and willing to accept the fact that the other person might know something i don’t and willing to accept the fact that we make errors and are imperfect. After he had calmed me down and we had talked for a bit he started to incuire, where on earth did you find candy that tasted this good? He only tasted a few and he was exited at the opportunity, that i might be able to teach him how to get himself a bag of his own. I taught him the methods of accuiring the sweets. After talking with the man about sweets, obviously we were both candy enthusiasts, it came apparent to me how wrong my act was in his culture and actually the true culture of treats. The only true way to enjoy a bag of sweets with a friend is too pass the bag along for each person involved in the candy feasting and to let each person munch the candy for a little while and then pass it along. Never forget the We in sWEets. That was my mistake, but as soon as he mentioned it I luckily understood my error and we parted ways as friends. After the incident I started thinking about why I reacted in the way I did and what was I doing wrong. I now believe to know the anwser to that question, and it’s not suprising what might however be just that and quite controversial even, is the basis upon which I have come for the conclusion. The reason that i reacted in the way I did is because I am a racist. When I encounter a person, one of the first things i notice is the ethnicity of the person and from that I recieve a bunch of inaccurate and accurate descriptions of the person in question of which I believe all of until proven wrong by an indication that I am capable of percieving and understanding. But the process of shedding away the misconceptions for that individual takes some effort and concentration and the willingnes to be wrong. These conditions were not met on the previous encounter, at first. It doesn’t really matter that much where I got these misconceptions (contrary to the common belief at the moment), but im going to tell you why i was subjugated to these unuseful toxic responses. I let my unconcious mind teach itself something that was wrong. As a young unknowing innocent little 18-year old finnish man I have my opinions of what should be done to make things better around here. I happen to think it’s a bad idea to let so many people who claim to be in danger of losing their lifes and their families lives here. Why would someone think something so hateful? Well, many people must have voiced this concern in a much more intelligent manner but what I think is, if we take this many people from far away where everything is different here, they are going to be lost here unknowing and distressed, so we help them. The thing is we don’t have the resources to help all of them. You might think that that’s just cruel ofcource the poor people would be rather confused here than dead there, but the thing is i’m pretty sure the majority of them would be just about fine where they came from. I’m not trying to be the guy who threatens another for taking too many treats from you, but the thing is regardless of who we blame for it, I thin this would be a better place for all of us if there weren’t so many people from far away from a weird place coming here. Maby one day I’ll learn how wrong I was all the time and I’m looking forward to it. There’s no lesson without pain and theres no freedom without responsibility. So I take responsibility for my unconventional opinion, and show it to people, just to see what they think of it and what they have to say about it. After all, they might know something i don’t. That’s why it makes me sad when I go to someone and show my opinion and all they can utter is that my existence makes life hell. Try to construct a healthy lesson from that. I don’t think so. Ok I’ll play this game you hate me, well guess what I hate you! Ha! You can’t beat me cause I’m right and all you can say is that im wrong at least i know this and this blaa blaa blaa who cares at this point all you are trying to do is defeat your opponent just like I tried to defend my sweets from satan. And we have internet. Now were cooking. Hate is spreading at an all time peak and there is a group trying to make another group feel bad for alledgedly hating another group which at this point they probably do because of all this BULLSHIT. So were knee deep in poop. What should we have done differently, well maby sit down and try to learn something from the person next to you.

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Wasn't expecting a book

A whole lot of thoughts in there, along with the question. That last part of the last sentence sounds pretty good and reasonable, though.

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Obviously since your not the only one saying that I guess people are genuinely interested, but don't have time. I should do that.

If I say you get one sweet and you take two, you're getting a punch in the nose. If you take one and express how much you enjoyed it, I'll probably give you another. If you spend even more time with me and become friends, I'll share the whole damn bag of sweets with you, but don't take something that's mine if I'm not willing to share. When I said one, that was an opportunity to earn my trust.

@JerryHendrickson If I say you get one sweet and you take two, you're getting a punch in the nose. If you take one and express how...

Hmm, I guess i wasn't the only one who acted poorly here. Just a culture difference, where he comes from they have different type of manners when it comes to sharing with strangers.

@FinnishHighschoolMan Hmm, I guess i wasn't the only one who acted poorly here. Just a culture difference, where he comes from they have...

The length of the story didn't bother me but things are easier for people to read when separated into paragraphs.

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That's too bad. It makes it hard to write well. Maybe They'll change it.

Sorry, mate, but that's a bit too much for my attention span.

Lyhyempikin teksti olisi riittänyt. ;o)

Welcome to Amirite Finnish Dude.

I think it's normal for someone of high school age to feel that way. If you aren't a liberal when you're young, you have no heart, but if you aren't a middle-aged conservative, you have no head.

@Budwick Welcome to Amirite Finnish Dude. I think it's normal for someone of high school age to feel that way. If you...

Oh god i hope i hope im not a öiberal or a conservative. I think of myself as a happy little brain floating in a nonsensical chaotic tempest.

@FinnishHighschoolMan Oh god i hope i hope im not a öiberal or a conservative. I think of myself as a happy little brain floating in a...

Well, mission accomplished!
I think of you as a happy little brain floating in a nonsensical chaotic tempest too!
Good luck with that!

Too much eye strain trying to read a big block of words..

Don't forget to floss..

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