What are some alternatives to cable or satellite TV that you use? (That still allows you to watch what you enjoy.)

I still enjoy watching TV now and then, including old movies and a few current TV shows. I think I'm ready to pull the plug on satellite TV. I see advertisement after advertisement on the net about this service or that service. What are your experiences with alternatives to the crazy prices, and endless channels that are worthless but always seem to be part of those “package deals?” Have you been happy with these alternatives? Of the 156 channels we currently get, we watch maybe 7 or 8 channels. We already have Netflix. I'd just like to hear what has worked for you.

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Same here. I'm hoping I get enough good answers her to nudge me over the edge to pull the plug and try something else.

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I liked the Western Channel but got irritated that I had to pay an additional $10 a month to watch 40 - 70 year old Westerns that I like. I finally went to youtube and downloaded a few hundred old movies, threw them on a USB HD and plugged it in to my Blu-ray player. <s> The only time I have HBO is for Game of Thrones. My wife loves it. You are right though. There is very little on HBO worth watching anymore. I've heard of Sling TV. Hope someone here has it and gives us their opinion on it.

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Great idea! I just saw that JustJim has a popcorn machine that duplicates movie quality!

I use the government's satellite to watch things that bring the news closer to home. Kidding. I watch tv shows via dwatchseries.to. Some of the sites that host the shows include scams that could lead you into trouble but I've been able to avoid the BS by trial and error. Sadly, the site doesn't have hosts that provide full-length movies... still, therre are tons of choices that're excellent.

My experience:

Tried 'em all except FireTv. I've streamed on Roku & XboxOne, I preferthe latter.

PSVue's overpriced imo, but has best channel selection. Sling doesn't actually let you choose channels in the way you probably think, explaining that takes more detail. The quality of Sling is substandard to Hulu with live tv, Sling's frequently interrupted and dvr's an additional cost. If you prefer the experience of cable, you probably won't like Netflix.

Overall, I prefer Hulu with live tv and YoutubeTV by far. Hulu has both streaming and dvr for roughly the same price as Sling's blue+orange live stream package (again, dvr's extra with Sling), but Hulu's quality is superior. They both offer similar sports channels. YoutubeTV is $5 cheaper, has more local channels and is more versatile, but it's still growing in many places. Although, they were guaranteeing that price for those who get in early.

Granted, I don't watch much tv (ShowBox is sufficient for me) but my kid prefers the traditional tv experience and those two come nearest to it.

They all come with a free trial of some length. I suggest taking them up on it, cancellation is simple if you don't care for the service. YoutubeTV was offering a month-long trial at one point.

@JustJimColo Thanks. That was informative.

Most welcome :)

Oh, and I live in the city. That could make a huge difference, depending on one's situation.

Mrs. Budwick has the Conn when it comes to TV viewing. I'm simply an observer. If it were up to me I would dump cable in a heart beat and watch an occasional movie on Amazon Prime via Roku.

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