This is a non-political question about politics. It doesn't matter if you are left, right or in the middle. What do you think about the caucus system?

This has nothing to do about Republicans or Democrats. We have a caucus system in Colorado and have a caucus tonight. From what I saw when I attended my first caucus a couple years ago, they are simply a small group of people from each district who get together and decide on who their delegate will be to represent their district. (You also have to pay $75 if you are nominated as a delegate) There was even discussion about not supporting a particular candidate, no matter what. Later, this delegate meets with other delegates from all the other districts to select a candidate. That ends up being the name on the ballot. There were roughly 15 people in our caucus out of the thousands who live in our district. I'd never even heard of anyone there, yet they made the decision on who was going to be the "people's choice" on the ballot. It was a pretty inbred group of "friends". What I saw, were people who were completely owned by the party, deciding on who best followed the party line, rather than who "the people" wanted. Just seems wrong to me. While I get to choose who I vote for in a general election, I don't get to choose whose name goes on the ballot. Just venting here. What do you think of a caucus system?