If you were a magical being that had one “chore” on earth, such as Jack Frost bring in winter or the Tooth Fairy leaving money in exchange for baby teeth, what would it be?

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I'll provide magic fairy dust and we'll all be able to get hammered for free. maniac smilie 乂^◡^乂
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I misread that.

It wasn't a chord, as in F#. Buggers.

I'm guessing... Pizza? With ananas. Lots of people seem to hate it on pizza, whereas I think it's the best ingredient ever.

I would be the fairy that elevates your usb stick to the fifth dimension so you have to turn it around at least three times

I'd be the being that craps on everyone's day, to restore balance because there needs to be as much misery as there is happiness.

I would like to be Santa Claus and make every child in the world happy all year long.

I'd like to be a Cupid type and help people find love.

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