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One rainy evening, i was in my dining room and i heard my kitchen door open. Now...i live out...way out. In wandered a very wet, very intoxicated woman. She didnt know where she was. I didnt know who she was. Kinda shook me. But, she was in need, was not intending to harm. Just drunk and disoriented. Had walked away from a friends house and wandered. Anyway, we were able to contact her husband and he came and got her. She was fortunate that the dogs were easily controlled and i didnt freak out and shoot her.

Someone tried to break into our house one night while I was at work about 40 years ago. My wife was home alone. When I got home, my wife showed me where the door had been forced. I guess the person who broke in the door hadn't expected to be greeted by two Doberman's. He wasn't around when my wife made it to the door.

Officially... Nope.

Off the books, yeah. Had a big fight, none of that Hollywood style, but just grunt and different techniques. He shattered my left collar bone and I made him limp for the rest of the year. He presumably had had enough, after that one, since he just... Took off. The reason of all this is still a bloody mystery to me. I think he was Ukrainian.

@Sofia Sorry to hear that happened. Did you heal well?

It was just a matter of fractures, multiple points though, but since it didn't break... Yeah, it's okay.

Not to my knowledge. We had an issue with ants, but that doesn't count.

Nope. But while we were gone, a burglary occurred.

It's funny, looking back in time. What an interesting life I've had. Not James Bond, not all the ladies, but... Yeah. If cancer cancels me, it's okay.

@ZonkeyBalls It's funny, looking back in time. What an interesting life I've had. Not James Bond, not all the ladies, but...

You'll be fine, I just went through a Mohs procedure.... still fighting the affects of it, not pleasant but they think they got it all. At least I'm still on my feet.

@Sofia For my selfish reasons, I will say that's not okay.

That's simply because you are one of those ladies, that I would want to have. But can't. And if something is not okay, that isn't. I really like you. And that's the worst line ever, I guess...

Yes. Then I eventually divorced her.

The last apartment I used to stay at, my landlord is an old granny and she used to go in when Im not there at times, I used to catch her a lot. I'm sure she had no bad intentions but I really find it uncomfortable to know that someone's been there. I used to set up subtle traps where I'd know if my door has been opened.

Nope... Not that I'm aware.

Unless bats count. Or ants, or termites.

(If it ever happens, I guess I could try to shower them with hospitality and see if that scares them away.)

They did cut my window and steal from me. Cops knew who it was. Not sure what happened afterwards.

I pity the fool that tries...

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