As a kid what was your favourite thing to order from the ice cream truck?

Can you remember the tune you listened for and the name of the truck.Tonibell was a firm in the U.K. I remember.

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Chocolate covered vanilla on a stick and orange covered vanilla on a stick.

Milk Nickel. 5 cents.

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I remember the Twin Pines milk man from my past. They had a celebrity spokesperson on their TV commercials called "Milky The Clown" who did magic tricks. He actually came to my elementary school and did a magic show on the stage that we had there for school assemblies.

Sidewalk Sundae
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Dreamcicles. Yummy. And the ice cream truck was named "Jingle Bell Herman". lol

We never had such a thing as an Ice cream truck, although we were just as happy as kids going in the store and eyeballing all the icecream and getting the cheapest one because our parents would have killed us if we had gotten from the expensive ice cream biggrin smilie

Popsicles are called iced lollipops here -I used to like an orange mivvy supposed made with real orange juice.

This goes back to the 1950s for me. The truck was a white Good Humor model and my favorite was called Toasted Almond. It was a vanilla ice cream bar on a stick with a light brown coating of crushed almonds. I remember that the price was 15 cents which was a premium price higher than the base price of 10 cents for the basic Good Humor bar which was vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating.

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