I hate my family. Siblings, cousins, daddy, uncles. I wouldn't go to none of their funerals.

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So true.

To paraphrase something I once read..

Holding onto hate is like holding a hot coal in your hand. You may want to throw it at the person you hate, but it's your hand that will be burned.


You're right and you're wrong.

I hated someone from my family. Not a strong word in this case. It's just exactly what I felt. That person died. I didn't go to the funeral. Unless we're talking about bad family members, I don't think of him/her at all. Years have passed, my tune is still the same and knowing myself as I do, I can guarantee I'm still not bothered. And being bothered in the future? I'm going to guess: not happening. I'll be bother for hurting average or innocent people, not for hating monsters.

And you're right that there is people that speak the word hate when it doesn't fit the sentiment, and they act on it, and regret it later. And I'm sure there is people that speak of hate while it fits the sentiment and still regret it later.

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Linnster, I've missed reading your comments. Truly.

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I appreciate that, but I literally lol'd at your above.

It's a worthy contrast, but so many people would infer both with no regard for the subtle distinction there.

It's just interesting the little things you forget you've missed about people until you haven't seen them for awhile.

I appreciated it before, still do ;D

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Yeah, I seriously doubt that.

Then again, sometimes there is no real point to a post and it's up for completely pointless reasons. Was it one of those?

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10 being completely pointless? Figs...

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I've had moments like that on this site--which I've noticed is as cheerful as always, but I digress.

It isn't that you don't notice, it's usually that you don't care. I get that mystifies some.

Out of 7 billion people, there are bound to be family members that are going to be too hard to take :·\ I hope you'll survive that.

That's your right, but someday you'll regret those words.

If I "hated" someone so much I make sure to go to the funeral to be assured they wouldn't be around anymore.
Don't hate - it's not worth it.

Um.... OK? I guess it's not surprising, people choose their friends because they like them and if they dont, then they stop talking. Family however is different, you better get along with them because you're stuck to them forever.

I wouldn't go to the funeral of a person I hate either.

I love some of my family members, but I'm not sure I'll go to their funeral, though. Respecting the people you love, sure, I'm all for it. And I'll do that, after everyone else goes away and back to their lives.

Well, they're dead. So...

Move far away for starters. Then see how you feel in 10 years...

When we hold on to hurt, pain, resentment, and anger it harms us far more than it harms the offender. ... Forgiveness lets us regain our personal power. Our anger, regret, hatred, or resentment towards someone means that we are giving up our power to that person.

Do yourself a favor - work on forgiving your family. That doesn't mean you have to go to their funerals or birthday parties.

You may feel that way now - but once the relatives are dead you will be sorry you didn't have that last physical goodbye. Try to make it right before they die.

If that makes you happy...

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