They estimate 12% of drivers don’t have auto insurance in the US. Why don't they take steps to fix this?

In today’s world of technology, I wonder why people can get away with no auto insurance. How many people have ended up eating the cost after their vehicle was damaged or they were injured by uninsured drivers? People have to prove they have insurance when they register their vehicles and then some go and cancel it the next day. With the technology we have today, why don’t they set up a database between the DMV and insurance companies? If a registered vehicle’s insurance is canceled, without being replaced by another insurance company, the insurance company should send an alert to the DMV that a vehicle is no longer insured. Those vehicles could be red flagged and subject to their vehicle immediately being impounded. In some states, the fine for not carrying insurance is as low as $75. That’s a lot cheaper than paying for insurance but it doesn’t help a victim of an uninsured driver. I'm tired of paying for others lack of accountability or for not following the law. How high have our premiums gone due to uninsured drivers? How many of us now have to pay for uninsured motorist insurance? Many of those without insurance don’t have it because their driving record is too bad to get it. Many illegals don’t carry insurance. Why should they if their is no real penalty?