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No. I'm an insomniac. I need a box fan on to drown out noise. Dogs barking and/or someone snoring drives me bonkers.

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LMAO! I know that maneuver.

I'd much prefer silence but I have to have some white noise on to drown out the sound of the freeway, the motor cycle race track that runs events until mid night twice a week and just some noisy crickets close to my window. This might explain why I don't like the sound of combustion engines.

No...I have a large fan on, to drown out noises..

No, my mind starts going with the beat of the music. Fans or white noise for me to sleep - or a good glass of winebiggrin smilie

I used to like background music when I was younger but now I like the silence. Maybe it's because I always read before going to sleep and, the book is still on my mind.

Though I can fall asleep with some sounds intruding on my attempt at sleep, I don't need certain sounds lulling me into slumber. By the time I'm ready to lie down, most normal sounds won't effect my slope into slumber

No way I turn the radio off when I'm sleeping.... But I turn the television on because it lulls me into a false sense of security.

I nod off listening to talk radio.I wake up listening to talk radio....

It's nice to go to sleep to music
but waking up suddenly and all disoriented to turn off the music kinda sucks
like the world is ending

Also, when I feel really sad
falling asleep to super sad music feels really good
weird how feeding sadness feels good

That's why we people like to read angsty novels
we're a bunch of weirdos

Example of a song to listen to when blue:
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