I’m a big proponent of conceal carry and people’s right to defend themselves. I believe in 99% of cases, shootings by people defending themselves is justified. Today I saw an incident where a bail bonds-woman killed a man for no reason, and got acquitted.

The video speaks for itself. This incident has nothing to do with a person defending themselves. This person just shot the guy in cold blood because she felt entitled to, because he owed her money. Looking at various forums about this incident, every person who legally carries a gun, agreed that this shooting was unjustified. One thing that is taught in ALL conceal carry classes is that once you or others, are no longer in danger, or once the suspect tries to leave, you no longer have the right to shoot them. This woman should have called the police to inform them she was going to arrest the man, or when he left, she should have called them to say he fled. VIDEO CAN BE VIEWED AT: http://kfor.com/2018/03/13/offi...illing-client/