Don't underestimate children logical capacities.

There was this "joke" as I was growing up: There's this image of two kids in class, drawing. One is Caucasian, the other is Black. The white kid has three colour pencils. Brown, cream and green. The black kid asks for the skin-colour-pencil. Which one would you give him? // The "punch" of the joke is that in Portugal, the "creme" colour is known as "cor-de-pele", which literally translates to "skin-colour". Back then I knew squat about racism. But no one had to tell me something wasn't adding up there. I knew it was a wrong name just by looking at it, at the people in general and by what it was called. Why would it be called skin-colour, when it didn't fit both their skins? It was just pretty clear. So, genius as I was, my choice was always the green one. / FELL FREE TO SHARE A PICTURE, VIDEO OR A EXPERIENCE OF KIDS USING PLAIN LOGIC. (it can be funny things)