Don't underestimate children logical capacities.

There was this "joke" as I was growing up: There's this image of two kids in class, drawing. One is Caucasian, the other is Black. The white kid has three colour pencils. Brown, cream and green. The black kid asks for the skin-colour-pencil. Which one would you give him? // The "punch" of the joke is that in Portugal, the "creme" colour is known as "cor-de-pele", which literally translates to "skin-colour". Back then I knew squat about racism. But no one had to tell me something wasn't adding up there. I knew it was a wrong name just by looking at it, at the people in general and by what it was called. Why would it be called skin-colour, when it didn't fit both their skins? It was just pretty clear. So, genius as I was, my choice was always the green one. / FELL FREE TO SHARE A PICTURE, VIDEO OR A EXPERIENCE OF KIDS USING PLAIN LOGIC. (it can be funny things)

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One of the things I love about children is their innocence. No one is born a racist.. that's a learned behavior.

I personally think children are brilliant. For example, I believe they learn language much more quickly than adults. They just lack the knowledge that comes from experience. That experience though is necessary to better understand the world.

@PhilboydStudge One of the things I love about children is their innocence. No one is born a racist.. that's a learned...

There's this movie " Ender's game" where they use kids as planners and personnel for space ships because of their better learning capabilities than adults.

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Lol. Older siblings are evil 😆

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I feel like many adults perceive kids as just dumb and that they can't know what they're talking about so they won't be right (so why bother listening). Having worked with kids and having kids in my family, I've found that to be quite a dumb attitude.

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I don't think kids are dumb at all. I do see most of them as very naive, in things outside their comfort area though. I see them as having little to no understanding on "adult" issues like paying bills to survive, taxes, healthcare, and making life changing decisions. I don't mind listening to kids, if they listen back. I see some kids today who only want to talk, and not listen. Too many kids are being told, how to act and what to think, instead of "how" to think.

Kids don't see color, they just see friends or kids they go to school with. Good for them.

Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Some very articulate teens have been on TV lately, and they give their opinions in a clear, concise manner. Much better than some adults do. lol

Race has always been a weird thing for me, I didn't understand it because it didn't make any sense, why would we be different from one another? Biology gave me a very good answer and understanding about the races. It's nothing but the result of thousands of years worth of adaptation to certain environments. Nothing more, nothing less.

I used think
all dogs are male
and all cats are female
and that dogs married cats
and that's why they chased them

And watching the movie Oliver and Company only reinforced that idea

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