You got really upset...but...it has nothing to do with you...


Image for post You got really upset...but...it has //nothing// to do with you...
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I get upset when people are dissing my friends. Plus I hate bullies.... I'm always for the underdog.

Generally, when i get upset, it has everything to do with me. Not always but generally.

I've been working on being more mindful. I want to be able to a) silently realize and acknowledge that I am upset, b) understand why, and c) and then rationally decide how to respond. It's an ongoing process.

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A blog though, rev. That is harsh. He should have reached out and left whatever beef they had between them. But..that is only my opinion.

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I agree. Im sorry....

Not staying upset... has everything to do with me.

Me, upset...? Never. biggrin smilie
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A lot of people do this. I have too.

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