Are you obsessed about getting up-voted on every comment/reply?

Image for post Are you obsessed about getting up-voted on every comment/reply?
11% YES 79% NO 11% Other
7 37

Not obsessed, but I do like to get feedback. I usually give up votes just to let the poster know that I have read their post or comment even if I don't always agree with it.

Nah...can't say I don't often notice and appreciate them, though.

I'd rather have replies, starts a conversation.

I am obsessed with getting votes on posts. Agree or disagree, just vote on the post please.

It's the only thing in life that i care about. and nothing else makes me happy and its what i strive to live for.. now please give me a thumbs up and a heart as i respectfully deserve. thank you.

No, I don't worry about petty things.

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I'm hypnotized by the whole store background. I wonder, if the meat loaf is 30 percent off that day.

How much is the fish?

There's a lot I don't care about and up voting is at the top of the I don't care list.

If I did, I would never disagree with anyone and I would avoid controversial topics. So...
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How would I know? I rarely go back.

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Sorry but you're wrong, I have no control over the HOF or how I get there, it's irrelevant, and you know that, that's why you chose to block it.

Again, I do wonder why a friend would choose to DV me? Think about it.

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When I mentioned control, I have no control over who upvotes me or down votes me.

Not obsessed about anything. It's nice to receive the upvotes only because it's an acknowledgement that my comment has been read or agreed with. I don't pay any attention to DVs either, unless a friend gives me one, then I wonder why.

yawn smilie Um....that would be a negative...

People comment "Hooray"...people love/up"Hooray"...they don't do either "Hooray"...My world still spins and I still sleep at night biggrin smilie

I don't get obsessed with all the BS

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