You're stuck in a critical survival situation where you need to start a fire to live. You only have a lighter, an American flag, and The Holy Bible. Which do you burn first?

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All there is a book and a flag, as you said, no wood. Im walking till i find some. Then...i will use a bit of the book.

Before anyone says they'd just grab some sticks, you don't have any. You can't use the flag as a blanket because this scenario isn't about staying warm. It's about starting a fire to live. What do you do?

Hmm... well the flag is made out of a synthetic material that is very flammable, but all it does is melt and spew out toxic smoke (ever drop a cigarette on an acrylic couch throw?). The bible is composed of very, very thin paper which is also very flammable, but it would burn WAY too quickly (ever light an empty cigarette tube?). This is a difficult question, because neither materials are suitable for creating a fire in which to keep warm.

Hey, I'm being practical lol

I suggest that someone requiring an entire bible or flag as a firestarter is likely going to die of sheer stupidity in any truly critical situation.

I'd start with the flag, and then add the pages of the Bible to keep it going.

It wouldn't be a sin to use what you have on hand to survive. I'm patriotic and I'm also a believer.

Neither one would offer enough heat to make a difference. But, I suspect the 'clever' OP hasn't presented us with a survival riddle as much as presented us a choice of which object we would disrespect first. But, since there's no wood to burn where I am, I'll follow Carla and help her find something to burn.

@Carla We can talk about our dogs. Bring up politics and you walk behind me;)

I'm not what you mean, but I can tell we're just walking our dogs looking for stuff to burn, so I'm cool.

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A fan of Babbit, are you? - a story demeaning the middle-class and capitalism.

If there are no other resources, this scenario isn't about survival. If it isn't about staying warm then why would you need a fire? I'm assuming there isn't any game or any other kind of food since there is no vegetation. (Animals have to eat) Even if there was a magic rabbit that appeared in this environment, the materials at hand wouldn't provide enough heat to cook it. Buds right, this isn't a survival scenario.

The bible cuz the American Flag looks way cooler.

@Skr3wBall The bible cuz the American Flag looks way cooler.

What good is a fire if you don't have something substantial to burn. neither a book or a flag is going to burn long so maybe I won't start a fire. I would burn some pages from bible because it would be easier to start. Wrap up in the flag cause it would keep me warmer.

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred What good is a fire if you don't have something substantial to burn. neither a book or a flag is going to burn long...

You're adding too much to the scenario. He didn't say the purpose of burning something, he just said burning one thing lets you live. Literally the walls could just be closing in and the only way for it to stop is if a flame from a lighter touches one of the two objects, we know nothing. I'm burning the bible, I'm more attached to the American flag than it.

What are we starting the fire for, apparently there is no further fuel so what would be the point?

I agree with Alice. Why start a fire if it is not to sustain a larger goal,
like food, warmth or protection?

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did you try the firestarter? I have seen the commercials and wondered if they really worked.

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OK They must be darn good. Thank you.

I would rip some of the paper, make a pile with the flag and set it on fire. Then I would keep adding the rest of the pages, to keep the fire going. I'm not sure either would keep the fire alive for long though.

Neither of those matter for me so I'll burn them both but really, if you're in the woods this can't be the best you have. There are piles of dead branches and leaves, burning a flag and a book would be a needless waste.

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred Sunny, I thought the same, the poster didn't tell us where or why.

Guess OP just wanted to see which of those would be the first choice for people who value those items.

@Sunny_the_skeptic Guess OP just wanted to see which of those would be the first choice for people who value those items.

Pretty much. I'm trying to get people to rationalize that the two items are just objects. I wouldn't personally go burn one just to do it, but to get so offended when someone else burns one seems silly.

Use the lighter and light the bible on fire, sorry Jesus, the you make a big fire gathering the sticks from the nearest tree, make the fire as big as you can, then for additional signal wave the flag, you can also use the flag as something to lay of or possible to catch fish

Well,I think paper would burn better than fabric. Therefore I guess I'd burn the Bible. I don't care much about the flag, but I just don't think it'd meet my kindling needs.

Ha ha...I love this post... Everything goes for me.

Obviously neither is practical for the scenario that you implied

bible pages as they could start fires and you can get another one at any thrift store. I imagin the flag would go also and they are replaceable also.

Anybody ever heard of a signal fire? This is your one chance to signal a search plane to let them know you're stranded.

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