Spring Is Finally Here! What’s your favorite season?

Spring is my personal favorite. All the plants coming up fresh and beautiful - the Earth even smells like life! I love it.

Image for post Spring Is Finally Here! What’s your favorite season?
24% Spring 41% Summer 3% Winter 10% Fall 21% Other
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I live in SoCal, 350 days of sunshine and 15 crummy days of rain.

Spring is only here in name. The snow on the ground and the forecast for the next couple of weeks tells me that it's still winter for a while yet.

Black pepper

I like spring but we have 3 seasons here winter mud season spring summer - mostly winter

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That's not at all how I pictured you symplycurious !
Nice boots!

Spring???? Just spent time shoveling 8" of climate change off my sidewalk. Spring seems to have been eliminated off the calendar somewhat like ical's Easter. Gone!

lets just say this, i hate the months from the start of November to the end of February. Cold, rainy, windy.. yuck.

As sloppy as Spring is (Till mid-May), I'll take it over the other seasons.